I am Ariel Elkin

The Driver

My name is Ariel and I am 15 years old. I am a professional racing driver from Israel, who has been flying worldwide to race against the best-known drivers in top-level competitions around the globe. I am considered the best racing driver in karting in Israel’s history and a role model for many young Israeli people, especially racing drivers.

A few of my most prominent results are: CIK FIA race win, Italian championship race win, Benelux championship race win, and multiple championship wins of the Israeli championship.

The Person

I am a student in the “Reali Hebrew School” which is considered one of the best in Israel. As well, I am learning 6 different languages and in 3 of them, I can speak freely. In my free time, I coach young racing drivers from Israel to drive and focus well. I do that because I know it can help many others and bring goodness and progress to our world. In the “Torah” it’s called doing a Mitzvah, which means it’s an honor to do good things.

Racing Is My Passion

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Since childhood, I have been a competitive person. I like to participate in challenges, and while everyone else panics, I use my focus and my mental skills in order to win.


Tech is an important part of racing, in order to get the best out of our cars we have many mechanics and engineers who must cooperate and work together in order to succeed.


One of the most important things in life and especially in racing is building communication skills, friendships, and being able to generate networks of support.

Mental Performance is My Advantage

Focus and Professionalism are My Tools


Is the key to"The Zone" of peak performance

As mentioned above, I am fascinated with the mental challenge. The key to keeping high performance under pressure is to have the ability to focus better than the rest of the competitors. This is the biggest difference between good and the best.


Is the key to calmness, learning, and growth under pressure.

Nobody can succeed without two key things: teamwork and professionalism. The target of myself and the people around me is to be as professional as we could ever be in order to sharpen everything and bring it to a perfect state, this includes making things even better when we get under pressure from our competitors.


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Email address: arielelkin25@gmail.com

Phone Number: +972526558808